Was Jesus a Feminist?

Jesus taught and acted in ways we might consider feminist today. Read more in USCatholic.

Which Catholic Women Inspire YOU?

Inspirational Catholic women are everywhere. Read more in USCatholic.

Reflections on Wisdom's Dwelling

Every so often I write reflections for a wonderful website called Wisdom's Dwelling. This new space is a place for Catholic women to reflect and share. 

An Issue with Embodied Resurrection

Our intuition is that our mental imagery pertaining to life after death is reflective of how it has been represented in popular culture, regardless of how it is described in Scripture and doctrine. Read more.

A Catholic Lay Woman seeks Justice at Alma Maters

When do we do more to hold institutions accountable?. Read more in USCatholic.

Reflections on Hood Feminism by Mikki Kendall

As a white Catholic feminist, reading Hood Feminism was not only a practice in humility, but also in spirituality and social justice. Read more on The Table

Sunday Reflection in USCatholic Magazine 

When things get rough, when a bad thing happens, it is human nature to assume we have bad luck on our side, that God has forsaken us, and that we are alone. But the readings this week call us to remember a few important things about our faith as Christians, Easter people who believe in the risen Christ. Watch the whole video here.