Riding for Rites

Anyone who has known me for any period of time knows that I am passionate about many justice causes, but that women's rights has a special place in my activism and academic work. If you've known me for a little while, you know that the Catholic Church, in all her troubles and trials, is a place I call home. Like any home and community, it isn't perfect. For my whole life, I have struggled to make sense of my place in this home. I have felt called to vocation and called to lead, ignored that call, answered it in various ways trying to convince the Spirit that I had a plan -- how silly! 

I have been an active follower and supporter of the Women's Ordination Conference since I learned of its existence in college and recently took a plunge to put my money and my activism where my mouth is and volunteer my time as a member of the Board of Directors for WOC. My constant vocation crisis is till that, in flux as I move through the world and try to figure out how I can be most useful to God's people. 

One thing I know for certain, is that my home -- the Catholic Church -- is missing something. The leadership of women and those in the LGBTQ community has been silence and ignored. This hurts. A LOT. 

In an effort to raise money for a cause that has shaped and framed my whole spiritual journey, I decided to ride the distance from my door to the Papal Residence. From my neighborhood to Vatican City is 4,802 miles

My goal is to ride that distance in 365 days. From September 1, 2020 to September 1, 2021. 

AND, I want you to be a part of my journey!